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Risk in the digital age


CtrlAltBreach - Episode 1: Ransomware strikes

March 30, 2020

In our series, we’ll be covering what ransomware is, how it gets into a computer system, who the cybercriminals launching these cyberextortion attacks are, and how cybercriminals use the victims’ own computers to encrypt their data and hold it for ransom.

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What’s new in education and events

This webinar explains the risks associated with working remotely, and how to improve security for videoconferences and identify COVID-19 scams. Recorded live in April 2020 for US cyber clients, the webinar shares recommendations for mitigating risks for businesses and their employees including useful checklists to help protect systems, data and business reputations.

Thought leadership

Marine: Silent cyber at sea

April 22, 2020

Impending International Maritime Organization (IMO) recommendations on cyber risk management and scrutiny of the issue of ‘silent cyber’ by the Prudential Regulation Authority and Lloyd’s pose challenges for insurers and ship owners alike. Richard Young, head of hull & war, and Kelly Malynn, senior risk manager, at Beazley discuss why the marine insurance market needs stand-alone cyber cover.

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ATA Annual Conference and Expo

June 22, 2020

ATA is working to transform health and care through enhanced, efficient delivery. ATA2020 takes place virtually starting the week of June 22nd.