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Risk in the digital age


Beazley introduces Beazley SHE for women in insurance

December 18, 2019

Beazley is delighted to announce the official launch of our first ever internal/external network for successful, high potential and empowered women, Beazley SHE.

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What’s new in education and events

The state of Louisiana, for instance, recently declared a state of emergency because ransomware had locked up their computer systems. In our series, we’ll be covering what ransomware is, how it gets into a computer system, who the cybercriminals launching these cyberextortion attacks are, and how cybercriminals use the victims’ own computers to encrypt their data and hold it for ransom.

Featured event

Advisen Cyber Risk Insights

May 19, 2020

Advisen returns to the ancestral home of our industry for a thoroughly up-to-date, full-day event addressing the critical privacy, network security, and cyber insurance issues confronting risk and insurance professionals. 

Healthcare providers’ and patients’ level of comfort with telehealth services as a supplement to more traditional forms of healthcare has been increasing for several years in the United States. Three months into the global coronavirus crisis, and there are substantial signs that the role of telehealth in the urgent response to the pandemic could accelerate take-up and mainstream acceptance of such services in the US over the long term.